This month in DC History
The Silver Banshee made a racket as she busted onto the scene in 1987. ┬áSeeking vengeance on the McDougal clan that damned her, Siobhan started killing off people in her way to the written history of her clan, which sent Superman on her trail. After that incident Superman even helped her a couple of times. Until Lex put a bounty on their his head. Hopefully one day we’ll get a Silver Banshee: Bounty Hunter comic.

What else happened in 1987?

  • Batman gets a Year One and a Year Two, while Jason Todd gets a new backstory. Ironically Jason tried to attack Batman with the tire iron he was using to steal the Batmobile’s tires. Sadly Jason would last to see Batman get a third year in Batman Year Three.
  • The JLA (who consisted of mostly minor character like Vibe and Gypsy) disbanded and a new Justice League was formed later that year. Unlike the direction that Batman was going in Year One, the Justice League became light hearted and comical. Under the helm of Max Lord, the team included Mr. Miracle, Black Canary, Dr. Fate, Dr. Light, Guy Gardner, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. Batman was also in it because he just a chronic joiner. I bet if he’s parents hadn’t die he would have had an extracurricular activity list a mile long in school.
  • Something much like the New 52 happened where everyone got a new first issue. Superman got a new first issue, Wonder Woman got a new first issue (and a new backstory), The Flash got a new first issue. Everyone a first issue. It was like Oprah ran DC that year.

Side note: I want you to know that the books I’m using for this sometimes has typos, like it says Silver Banshee appeared in Action Comics 495 and thankfully I figured out that it was actually 595. So if I ever put up the wrong comic cover, forgive me.

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