This Month in DC History

Wally West was introduced in the same comic that the Weather Wizard was introduced in, The Flash #110. The nephew of Barry Allen, Wally found himself covering a chemicals when lightening struck his Uncle’s laboratory. He took the mantle Kid Flash until he became the 3rd person to be called The Flash.

Now because of a typo in the DC Comics Super Heroes and Villains Fandex, I though Wally was introduced in January 1959 and not 1960. Thanks to Darkseidr for reposting last week’s and pointing this out, causing me to check into this because I was planning on writing about Wally today anyway, and now I don’t look half a stupid as I feel about almost making that mistake. So enjoy the cover of The Flash #111 and…

Here are some more things that happened in 1960:

  • Professor Ivo attacked the Justice League with his pet android Amazo. Amazo could absorb the JLA powers making him a one “man” Justice League but also got the weaknesses, making yellow fire particularly frightful for him.
  • Captain Boomerang was introduced to cause trouble for The Flash. Although The Flash continually beat his foe, the villain just proved that no matter how many times you throw him into jail, he’ll just come right back.
  • Hal Jordan got his own title. The first issue found the Green Lantern on a planet called Calor, a planet filled only with men, being terrorized by the Dryg, a creature that zapped the will out of people with his fire bolts. The problem came to the Guardians attention when they noticed the planets overgrown lawns, because no one had the will to go mow it. 

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