This month in DC History

Michael Jon Carter, a disgraced football player in the future, stole some stuff from the Metropolis Space Museum and came to our present to make money as the superhero Booster Gold in 1986. The series lasted for 25 issues but Booster found fame in the 1987’s Justice League comics. They never addressed the question of where did the suit come from because if the suit was in the museum in honor of Booster Gold and Michael got the suit from the museum and went back in time then how did the suit get made? I mean the suit has to be made at some point or there is a paradox. The suit couldn’t have existed forever without someone making it and who was that and why did they make it and AHHHH MY HEAD… IT HURTS.

What else happened in 1986?

  • Superman and Batman fought against hunger in Heroes Against Hunger while Lex stood in his battle suit yelling about how Superman’s power couldn’t fix this problem. Way to continue being a major A-hole Lex.
  • The Green Lantern comic got a new name, The Green Lantern Corps, in issue number 201. This gave an equal spotlight to all members of the Corps as they made their base on earth. It even introduced Kilowog, you pooser.
  • 1985 was the year Crisis On Infinite Earths happened. To clear up the questions raised, a History of the DC Universe was published in 1986 chronicling all the major events that happened from the dawn of time to the future worlds of the Legion of Super-Heroes. However they also didn’t address where Booster’s suit came from, it wouldn’t even exist in the museum if… AHHHH THE HEAD PAIN RETURNS!

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    For those who didn’t know, Dan Jurgens created Booster Gold, he’s an MCAD alum who also helped write The Death of...
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