This Month in DC History:

DC Comics went through a Crisis in 1985. The thought of parallel worlds had grown convoluted over the years with so many different worlds it was hard to think straight. So Crisis on Infinite Earths came to spring clean DC Comics and create one Earth. The series also ushered in one of the most annoying things (in my opinion but is probably also a fact) about comics today, the Crossover. Good thing DC learned it’s lesson and stuck with just one Earth… right?

What else happened in 1985?

  • Donna Troy got married to Terry Long. The marriage took place in the 50th issue of Tales of the Teen Titans. Unlike most comic book weddings, this wedding went smoothly without a problem and the book became a reunion as Titans from the past shows up as wedding guests.
  • The Outsiders traded the gloom and doom of Gotham for the sun and surf of California. The series only lasted 28 issues but had the team facing the Nuclear Family, the Force of July, the People’s Heroes, and the Duke of Oil.
  • Superboy-Prime was introduced… well sort of. DC Comics Presents #87 told us the origin story of Superboy (which we needed because it’s so hard to keep Superboy’s/man’s origin story straight) as well as his meet up with Superman. This issue set in motion the major role Superboy played in Crisis on Infinite Earths and the role he played in Infinite Crisis.

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