This Month in DC History

Ted Kord was introduced as the new Blue Beetle in 1986! But since Booster Gold and Amanda Waller were also introduced in 1986 (both who have had their time in the History seat) let’s talk about 2005! Why 2005? Well Ted Kord was unfortunately killed in 2005 when Max Lord showed his true colors. Ted was unlike the other Blue Beetles as he wasn’t in anyway powered by the Blue Scarab. He was pretty much Batman with a sense of humor. His buddy, Booster Gold, would try several times to bring Ted back from the dead (through time travel) but Ted’s death would always need to be a fixed point in time.

What else happened in 2005?

  • Ted’s death was just the beginning of the Infinite Crisis. A follow-up to Crisis on Infinite Earths. In this tale the whole “let’s not have multiple Earths” thing that CoIE cause came undone as 52 Earths sprung into existence. The villains of the piece were Superboy-Prime and Alexander Luthor (of Earth-3) who just wanted their earths back. Who could blame them?
  • Being reintroduced into the DCU the previous year, Supergirl gets her own title. This was the 4th series for Supergirl and lasted up until it was wiped out by the New 52.
  • Green Lantern Hal Jordan had also been brought back from the dead thanks to Geoff Johns and given his own title in 2005. Johns epic tale survived the New 52 transition (I mean nothing would have been different with the Lantern saga if the New 52 hadn’t happens) only to wrap up last month.

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