Is DC Entertainment using TV to build to a Justice League movie?

Arrow has been a moderate hit for The CW, so when they announced today that The Flash would make a multi-episode appearance (acting as a backdoor pilot) and then getting his own series I was far from surprised. There were rumblings at Comic-Con that The Flash would be getting his own movie, but I think this is the better move for the character and look forward to seeing what is in store for the Scarlet Speedster. 

It got me thinking, DC Entertainment has been keeping an eye on Marvel’s success, but seem to be apprehensive about green lighting films for characters that are less iconic than Batman and Superman. An apprehension I don’t quite understand considering before 2008, you’d be hard pressed to find an average person who knew who Tony Stark was. So how do you introduce these characters into popular culture with a smaller risk? Television. Sure, I realize TV is a big risk industry as well. But if a TV show isn’t working you can cancel it. You can’t do that for superhero flicks and their giant budget.

That brings me to a future Justice League movie. So Warner Bros. is basically forcing everyone to go see Man of Steel 2 by tossing Batman in the mix. Now there are two big heroes in this new “DC Cinematic Universe”. Then you have Green Arrow and Flash from the TV show cast and put them in the movie too. Green Lantern, like I said didn’t do well, but awareness for this character is now there, so you re-cast and put him in the movie. Hell, it can be John Stewart a “new” Lantern.

That leaves Wonder Woman, who still can’t get a TV show or movie made solo for some mind-boggling reason, and could be the sole member of the league you have to introduce to audiences.

I realize I’m leaving out Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, or any other hero you can think of, but I’m trying to stay realistic in this hypothetical situation. I’m basing this off of zero facts, but if DC Entertainment could build up their world through multiple platforms it could be a windfall for several divisions. It would be the reverse of what Marvel has done, but could also be successful. It’d be a hell of a risk, but could also be something unique to them.

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