The Truth about 1937 is:

New Comics got renamed to New Adventure Comics and the cover did signify the change but not with a Phoenix. Instead the cover had Father Time leaving and Baby New Year taking his place.

Now for this week’s 2 Truths and a Lie.  The Year is 1938:

  • New Superhero on the scene name Superman really let the auto industry know how much he hated cars. Through out his whole first story, he’d fly around the city, grab cars, fly out the the desert and then ram them against rocks. Needless to say, Nationwide was not on Superman’s side.
  • Superman wasn’t on the cover of Action Comics #2, which was a sign that the editor never expected the character to become as big as he did. What’s odd about the story in this issue is that Clark sent photos of a war zone to “Evening News, Cleveland Ohio.” It’s odd because Clark and Lois had already been established as working together at the Daily Star.
  • The Crimson Avenger made his debut in Detective Comics #20. He’s special because he was the first masked crime fighter in comics but he wasn’t a superhero. He was more like The Green Hornet, a guy with no powers but carried a gas gun and also had an Asian sidekick named was Wing.

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