While on the phone with Creighton from Nerdology a moment ago, we got into a debate on which was the worse movie, X-Men The Last Stand or Superman Returns. Creighton (a Marvel guy) argued that The Last Stand is worse, but I felt Superman Returns was worse. Since neither of us would budge, we figured we would let you all decide. So…

Which is a worse movie: Superman Returns or X-Men The Last Stand?

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    I stand by my sentiment, Superman Returns wasn’t that bad at all.
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  5. heteropodomental answered: I think Superman Returns.
  6. choimx answered: Returns
  7. stealingyourcarbon answered: Superman Returns.
  8. twistedevilbitch answered: Superman Returns
  9. grandpaceps answered: Superman Returns. I actually liked Last Stand
  10. hipsterbrigadier answered: I still enjoyed both haha
  11. justingomma answered: Superman Flops I mean Superman Returns :D
  12. redsketchuniverse answered: Superman was 100% worse
  13. steelcityscreams answered: Superman Returns, the resolution COMPLETELY negates his vulnerability to kryptonite
  14. praxjarvin answered: Last Stand is definitely the worst movie.
  15. themanxwithoutfear answered: X3.
  16. ypsilon42 answered: I am not sure, which one is objectively worse, but I defintly hated X-men more. It had potential, but was horrible.. Superman was just bland.
  17. sportingkcismorethanbrilliant answered: superman returns
  18. animeandheroes answered: superman returns, i found it incredibly boring, only good thing was… idk kevin Spacey Cast as lex, but even he did a bad job…
  19. juanpintor answered: Superman Returns because it’s the only movie where he doesn’t even throw a punch. He threw Kryptonite into space and that was it.
  20. colonbigd answered: The Last Stand. Thats why the newest X-Men movie fixed all of the mistakes made in 3
  21. kenthenoun answered: Superman Returns
  22. virtual-living answered: Superman Returns
  23. thirstylarry answered: brian singer single handedly ruined both of them
  24. ohmyvengers answered: X-men 3
  25. sayonerajack answered: I pick both of them
  26. fastfoodforthemutants answered: Superman Returns was worse… X-Men The Last Stand was bad, but had a few redeeming qualities… SR really had none.
  27. magosbaratos answered: Superman Returns
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  29. sqpartbooks answered: Superman Returns. “You had ONE character” and you couldn’t deliver.!
  30. adamantiumcranium answered: Superman Returns! The Last stand was way cooler in terms of superhero flicks.
  31. bricelar answered: Last stand. Def.
  32. ojos-homicidas answered: Superman
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  36. bearotica answered: X-Men: The Last Stand was way worse.
  37. peterhassett answered: X-Men the Last Stand by a MILLION MILES
  38. turian-vs-banshee answered: x-men simply because as a fan of both marvel and DC the x-men film ruins more characters
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  40. tacochamp answered: Superman was worse. Atleast the last stand had action in it. Superman was just him flying around picking up heavy objects and posing.