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This month in DC History

Jay Garrick ran onto the comic scene in 1940. His powers were given to him through inhaling the vapors of “hard water” and he dressed up in a costume inspired by the roman god Mercury under the name of The Flash. Unlike other superheroes, he shared his identity with his girlfriend, Joan Williams.¬†

What else happened in 1940?

  • So many characters were introduced! So many that you’ll be hearing about 1940 again later this year. Among those who were introduced were Lex Luthor, Clayface, and Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern.
  • All Star comics was introduced as a comic where characters from DC four titles (Adventure Comics, More Fun Comics, All-American Comics, and Flash Comics) would have stories side by side. Readers were asked to send in a coupon to say which three characters they’d like to see added and which would they want to get the boot for the next issue. This however changed by issue #3.
  • Issue #3 of All Star comics introduced us to the Justice Society of America. This marked the first team of superheroes DC had. The first issue was more introductory as the members of the JSA sat around a table and shared stories about their previous adventures making it pretty much like the clip episode of Community.

This “Month” in DC History
Cheetah pounced on Wonder Woman’s scene in 1943. Priscilla Rich did not superpowers but did have a knife, the cheetah’s natural tool for taking down gazelles in the wild.

What else happened in 1943?

  • Speaking of Blackest Night, Alan Scott first said the Green Lantern Oath for the first time. The Guardians thought it was so catchy that they stole it to enable the charging of their rings. Too bad they didn’t like “My ray strikes the darkest corner, banishing all wickedness!”
  • Kryptonite was introduced on the Superman radio show. Thank goodness we found something to bring down Superman, now let’s make sure every villain of his uses it.
  • Alfred Pennyworth shows up on American shores wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps as the Wayne’s butler. Intended to be the comic relief, he quickly figured out who Batman and Robin were and caused them headaches as he tried to be the detective. ¬†Thankfully, he became much better at taking care of the estate.