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The Truth about 1971:

It wasn’t Dean Martin that Jimmy met but Don Rickles who’s comic book character’s name was “Goody” Rickles. Everything else I wrote about the story was true, according to my fact book.

Now 2 Truths/1 Lie. The Year is 1972:

  • Guy Gardner was introduced to act as a replacement for an injured John Stewart as Hal’s backup. Hal didn’t care for Guy’s hostile attitude towards authority but Guy turned him around when he saved a policeman from a gunman and proved that an assassination attempt was faked to boost a racist politician’s bid for the presidency. 
  • The Seven Soldiers of Victory returned in a story that reunited the JLA and the JSA of Earth-2. United to defeat a villain known as Iron Hand who threatened to destroy Earth-2 with a giant iron hand, the two teams were told by a magical entity known as the Oracle to find and unite the Seven Soldiers of Victory who had dealt with a similar menace. They traversed through time over three issues to unite the team and unfortunately the soldier Red Tornado had to sacrifice himself in the end.
  • Wonder Woman #203 was the “Women’s Lib” issue. In a story that asked readers if the comic was for or against Women’s Lib, Diana was asked by a rich department store owner named Philip Grandee to model a line of Liberated Women’s clothing. Diana was asked by her friend and member of a Women’s Lib organization, Cathy Perkins not to do it as Grandee paid his all-female workers poor wages and bought goods from sweatshops. Then in usual comic fashion, Grandee hires thugs to kidnap Cathy and Diana stops him. But this caused all his female workers to loose their jobs. The story was promised to resolve in another issue but due to another turn in Wonder Woman’s story it was never published.

The Truth about 1970:

It was actually Jimmy Olsen who teamed up with Darkseid and introduced him into the DCU.

2 Truths/1 Lie. The year is 1971:

  • Big Barda was introduced in Mister Miracle #4. As Mister Miracle battled Doctor Bedlam, Big Barda swooped in and helped him starting a relationship that would span decades.
  • DC released a series called Weird War Tales that mixed suspense, science fiction and paranormal activity with the war genre in comic books. The series lasted for 124 issues and introduced the Creature Commandos.
  • Jimmy Olsen met a comic version of Dean Martin in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #139. He along with The Guardian and Dean were kidnapped by an Intergang boss and forced to eat poison at gun point. They fortunately found an antidote before it was too late.

The Truth about 1969:

Green Arrow’s look did change but he didn’t team up with Green Lantern here, he teamed up with Batman. It would be the next year that they two Green heroes would partner up.

Now for 2 Truths/1 Lie. The Year is 1970:

  • The Flash was hypnotized into believing Dr. Lu, a foreign spy, was Iris and he was picking up a can of hairspray, instead of assassinating the President with a laser gun.
  • DC published Hot Wheels based on the toy cars however it only lasted 6 issues. 
  • The Teen Titans teamed up with Darkseid in his introduction to the DC Universe to take down planet earth.

The Truth about 1968:

Actually Hawk and Dove didn’t get along very well as they rescued their father as they bickered all the way through it and their father wasn’t grateful as he condemned the duo as vigilantes. Parents, amiright?

2 Truths/1 Lie! The year is 1969:

  • Green Arrow paired up with Green Lantern in The Brave and The Bold #85. This was the debut of Green Arrow’s look with mustache and goatee and his new outfit that made him look like a modern day Robin Hood. This was also the issue that initiated their future pairing in the Green Lantern/Green Arrow series.
  • The Atom’s girlfriend, Jean Loring, lost her mind in the final issue of The Atom and Hawkman. She was driven mad by a race of aliens who believed she had descended from their Earth-born queen. She wouldn’t her sanity back for several months later in an issue of JLA.
  • The Phantom Stranger reappeared after a 16 year absence. His appearance in Showcase 80 was just he beginning as a few months later he would have his own title. However this new Phantom Stranger was very different from the one in the 50’s. As 50’s PS would debunk mysteries, the 60’s PS were drawn toward them and had powers of his own to combat them.

The Truth about 1967:

It was actually The Monkees and another band I don’t recognize (They have 5 members so I know it’s not The Beatles) on the cover of Teen Beat. 

Now it’s time for 2 Truths/1 Lie. The year is 1968:

  • Lois Lane quit pinning after Superman… for one issue. The issue was the start of her becoming less of a damsel in distress though. In Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #80, Lois moved to Coral City and changed her last name to Lorne after Superman forgot her birthday. She met a man named Rand Kirby and got to the point of engagement with him before she got temporary ESP and found out that Superman actually did like her. And then things went back to normal.
  • Hawk and Dove appeared on the scene in Showcase #75 The bickering pair of brothers were granted powers by a disembodied voice to help their father who was injured by a local mob. The two were able to get along long enough to rescue their grateful father.
  • Angel O’Day and Sam Simeon (an ape) partnered together to make a beauty and the beast detective agency. In their first case they caged a zookeeper-turned-spy before he captured secret plans to a theme park ride. It was such a success that in December of 1968 Angel and the Ape got their own title.

The Truth about 1966:

I made up the whole thing about Simon Banner. I’m not ashamed.

Now It’s Time for More Truths! And One Lie ;) The Year is 1967!!!!!

  • Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) and The Question were introduced into the world but it wasn’t under DC Comics, it was under Charlton Comics. DC would later acquire them in the 1980’s.
  • The first race between Superman and The Flash appeared in Superman #199. It ended in a tie so that people could still debate it to this day.
  • Teen Beat, with a cover photo of The Beatles, was published by DC Comics as a way to rope in the Teen Music lovers. It had features of bands that an illustrated girl named “Teeny” would comment on. Unfortunately it only lasted one more issue under a name change of Teen Beam. 

The Truth about 1965:

Aquaman did marry Mera but it was in the previous year, 1964. Although it did happen in the December issue so it was only a couple of days off from being the truth.

Now for Two Truths and A Lie. The Year is 1966:

  • The Cluemaster was introduced. His aim was to find out the secret identities of Batman and Robin. He was getting close to but when a doctored photo of Bruce and Dick meeting the Caped Crusaders surfaced (made to diminish Aunt Harriet’s suspicions) it thwarted his efforts. 
  • Spellbinder was also introduced. He hypnotized Batman causing Robin to save him, twice. But third time was a charm as Batman’s will was able to overcome the hypnosis and send the villain to prison.
  • Although he wasn’t named Bane, Batman faced a man with body altering powers. Simon Banner was one of Aunt Harriet’s suitors. He was a weakling of a man until he stumbled across some radioactive venom. The effects caused his body to become more muscular increasing his strength tenfold. Simon became addicted to the venom and Batman had to overpower him using his mind to save Aunt Harriet.

The Truth about 1964:

Got you guys again with the little things. The Batcycle didn’t replace the Batmobile but the Batmobile did get an update into a sporty two-seat roadster and everything else was true.

Now for this week’s Two Truths and a Lie. The Year is 1965:

  • Green Lantern and Batman teamed up in The Brave and The Bold #59. The duo went up against the Time Commander who used a time-shifting hourglass. The Time Commander learned of Batman’s identity and threw him 24 hours into the future and Green Lantern 24 hours into the past. They foiled his plan eventually and Green Lantern’s ring took away the Time Commander’s memory of Batman’s identity.
  • Beast Boy appeared on the scene to a non-impressed Doom Patrol. The green-skinned delinquent broke into their headquarters and made a real mess of things. Fortunately he was there to foil jewel thieves who were ready to take on the Doom Patrol but didn’t count of a green eagle, a green ape, and a green god to get in their way.
  • Mera was heart broken when she found that Atlantean law said that Aquaman could only marry another Atlantean woman. Aquaman got around the law by making Mera an honorary Atlantean to pop the question. Must be good to be king.

The Truth about 1963:

Doctor No was published under the showcase title but it was release before the movie was released in the US, after it being a smash in the UK.

Now for 2 Truths and A Lie. The Year is 1964:

  • Batman got revamped. Sales were at an all time low and Detective Comics was close to being canceled so they gave Batman a new costume with a yellow emblem around his bat symbol, Robin’s look became more relevant to the teenagers of the time, and the Batmobile was traded in for a Batcycle with sidecar.
  • To add to the different look, there were other changes in Batman. The most striking change came in the very next issue from the makeover where Alfred died in a car crash in order to save the dynamic duo.
  • For an entire issue Green Lantern was split in two. Black Hand devised a way to cut the Emerald Warrior in half by sending his other half to another dimension. Thankfully his ring was able to construct his other half to throw Black Hand off for a moment so that he could make himself whole again.

(Note: Sorry for the tardiness of this. Work has been bonkers for me this week and I forgot about it.)

The Truth about 1962:

It wasn’t Superman nor the Atom that helped Aquaman. It was a water sprite named Quisp who helped with the shrinking and flying fish that helped with the freezing.

Now for this week’s Two Truths and a Lie. The year is 1963:

  • The JLA meet the JSA for the first time. It was the first “Crisis” crossover. The villains of both worlds switched identities and Earths to over come the Heroes but didn’t realize they’d be defeated when the Heroes teamed up.
  • Kid Flash got a new costume. It was yellow top with a red bottom and made him instantly more recognizable and distinguishable from his mentor.
  • After becoming a smash in the UK and the US, DC published Doctor No based on the Ian Flemming novel. It was published it under the Showcase title.

The Truth about 1961:

Betty Kane wasn’t Cat-Girl. She was always Bat-Girl. In her first adventure, she helped Batman, Robin, and Batwoman take down King Cobra and the Cobra Gang.

Now For 2 Truths and A Lie. The Year in 1962:

  • Green Arrow joined the JLA and the five members of the team shared with him and Snapper Carr their origin, which included the aliens from the planet Appellax. 
  • Aquaman finally owned his own title after appearing more than 20 years earlier. In his first title Aquaman and Aqualad fought against Fire-Trolls who came from an underwater volcanic eruption. The duo defeated them by freezing and shrinking them with the help of Superman and the Atom.
  • Green Lantern had his first taste of the sapphire light of love when he first squared away against Star Sapphire. The Zamarons chose Carol Farris as their queen because she looked like their past ruler and was charged to prove herself against Green Lantern. When Carol lost the Zamarons took away her powers and her memories of them.

The Truth about 1960:

The line up of the JLA was true but Batman and Superman did make cameos in the JLA’s beginning adventures.

Now for this week’s 2 Truths and A Lie! The Year is 1961:

  • Pa Kent saved Superboy from his first trip to the Phantom Zone. It seems like the Phantom Zone started out as just a separate plain of existence where you were something like a ghost. Superboy did end up meeting General Zod before Pa freed him.
  • Betty Kane was introduced as Cat-girl, Catwoman’s sidekick. It took Batman, Robin, and Batwoman to foil Catwoman’s scheme and Batwoman took the misguided Betty under her wing to help her become the first Bat-Girl.
  • Hawkman and Hawkgirl reintroduced into the Silver Era. The most notable change from their Golden Era version was that these two were alien police officers from another planet.

The Truth about 1959:

Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter left the JLA in 1969 not 1959. The JLA wasn’t even a team until the next year in 1960.

Now for 2 Truths and A Lie! The year is 1960.

  • The original line up of the JLA was Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, the Flash, and Green Lantern with honorary member Snapper Carr. Batman and Superman were no where to be seen.
  • We finally get to see the origin of Lex Luthor. Lex was a fan of the boy of steel and became friends with him until an accident left him bald with a vengeance against our hero.
  • Superman also visited Birzarro World and got arrested for giving home makeovers. He got out of sentencing he made the round planet into a square and was released by the “ungrateful” Bizarros.

The Truth about 1958:

The members of the Legion of Superheroes were really Cosmic Boy, Lightening Boy, and Saturn Girl but the rest was true. The biggest hint that this was a lie was that Cable is an X-man. I actually meant to put Bishop, he was who I was thinking of, and I thought his name was Cable but it still works cause they are both time travelers.

Now for this weeks 2 Truths and A Lie. The year is 1959:

  • Superheroes were gaining popularity again so DC introduced a whole cavalcade of them. Heroes introduced this year included Hal Jordan, Supergirl, Congorilla, Gorilla Grodd, Kid Flash, Bat-Mite, the Suicide Squad, Sgt. Rock, and Mr. Freeze (who was called Mr. Zero at first).
  • The JLA got a shake up when Wonder Woman and the Martian Manhunter both left the team. But Black Canary would join later that year.
  • In Blackhawk #133, Zinda Blake because the first female Blackhawk, known as Lady Blackhawk. She attempted to join them by rescuing a Blackhawk named Olaf Friedriksen but was turned down because of her gender. She had to save the entire Blackhawk crew for them to let her join.

The Truth about 1957:

Showcase #9 was actually about Lois Lane and not Fancy Greystart. The comic (and #10) was a trail run of what would become Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane. But didn’t Fancy Greystart sound like a great 1950’s comic?

Now for Two Truths and A Lie. The Year is 1958 (and believe it or not that is Calendar Man):

  • This year not only introduced us to Calendar Man but also Brainiac, Bizarro, and Adam Strange.
  • In Detective Comics 251, Vickie Vale snaps a photo of Batman which make him look like an Alien. However the photo wasn’t of Bruce Wayne in the Batman suit but a gangster dressed as an alien Batman to try and discredit him.
  • Booster Gold, Kid Flash, and Cable all came from the Future to meet their icon Superman but over shot it and met him as Superboy. The three then took him to their time and became The Legion of Superheroes. As initiation into the group Clark has to go up against each member. He failed each time but then realized that they tests were fixed and that they were just a ritual because they already wanted Clark as part of their gang.