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The Truth about 1989:

It was actually the pages of the Suicide Squad that introduced Barbara Gordon as Oracle. (Several of you knew this, good job!)

Now for 2 truths/1 lie. The year is 1990!!!!!

  • An older Hal Jordan began an impressive 181 issue run on the 3rd series called Green Lantern. Not much happened in the first issue though and the only action was a fight between Hal and Guy.
  • Robin got a new costume. They traded in his pixie boots and short shorts for ninja toe boots and long green tights. He also got a black cape with a yellow lining possibly to blend in better in the dark.
  • Deathstroke, notable villain in Teen Titans, became an anti-hero in his own comic book. His first issue found him escorting Miss Tribb, his fourth-grade teacher. He had to resist his impulse to kill those from his youth who brought him misery and protect Tribb in a comedic romp through the country side.

The Truth about 1988:

Pete Ross wasn’t the Smallville resident who was spying for the Manhunters. It was really Lana Lang.

Now it’s time for 2 Truths/1 Lie. The year is 1989:

  • Less than a year after the readers killed Jason Todd off, DC introduced Tim Drake, in a story called “Year Three”. In a story called “A Lonely Place of Dying”, Tim deduced both Batman and Nightwing’s identities and earn his pixie boots.
  • Barbara Gordan’s career as a super hero wasn’t over after Joker had shot her. In the pages of The Secret Six, she first appeared as Oracle, an informational guru, specializing in the hero set.
  • Coming out of the pages of Justice League International, a set of Superheroes made camp in Paris in the pages of Justice League Europe. The team was made up of Red Rocket, the Flash, Power Girl, Metamorpho, Captian Atom, and Elongated Man. Animal Man and Wonder Woman were temporary members. 

The Truth about 1987:

It was Vibe and Steel who didn’t live on to see the new Justice League. Although Gypsy and Vixen didn’t make the cut, they were at least still alive.

Now for 2 Truths/1 Lie. The Year is 1988:

  • Batman: The Killing Joke was released. Not only did it give a more detailed origin for The Joker than ever before, it also changed the life of Barbara Gordan when The Joker shot her and paralyzed her.
  • Keeping with the annual crossovers that started with Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC published Millennium. In this event, the Manhunters, Space’s Police Force before the Green Lantern Corp, set their sights on Earth. They planted spies (both volunteered and mind controlled) amongst Earth’s citizens, including Superman’s Smallville best friend, Pete Ross, and Flash’s Father, Rudolph West. In the end, Earth’s Heroes prevailed with help from the New Gaurdians.
  • Jason Todd’s life hung in the balance as readers voted on if he would survived the A Death In The Family storyline. He didn’t. He was beat to death by The Joker with a crowbar and then the building blew up. This became Batman’s greatest failure and haunted him for years.
Do to craziness at work and a surprise (but very welcomed) visitor I forgot to post DC History last week. And unfortunately work is still crazy. So I will have to postpone this week’s DC History as well.
However I’m going to try and get to year 2014 by the end of this year. So not only will you get a DC History every Thursday as normal but you’ll also get some surprise DC Histories on any given random day.

Do to craziness at work and a surprise (but very welcomed) visitor I forgot to post DC History last week. And unfortunately work is still crazy. So I will have to postpone this week’s DC History as well.

However I’m going to try and get to year 2014 by the end of this year. So not only will you get a DC History every Thursday as normal but you’ll also get some surprise DC Histories on any given random day.

The Truth about 1986:

Superman was revamped but Zod wasn’t introduced in the issue. That was the end of the movie, Man of Steel.

Now for 2 Truths/1 Lie. The Year is 1987:

  • The Justice League of America title wasn’t doing so hot and was in need of a makeover. So the current JLA who was comprised of mostly minor characters (that’s what the book says but Gypsy, Vibe, Steel, and Vixen are all major to me) against Professor Ivo. This match ended with the deaths of Gypsy and Vixen also also the current incarnation of the JLA.
  • With the old JLA gone, the new Justice League took their place. The book went a different path than grim and gritty like Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and the many of imitators. This book was like a Superhero sitcom. The teams first roster included: Martian Manhunter, Black Canary, Captain Marvel, Batman, Guy Gardner, Dr. Fate, Mr. Miracle, Dr. Light and Blue Beetle with Fire and Ice joining later and all backed by the manipulative Maxwell Lord.
  • On a quest to stop the terrorist Qayin, Batman made a truce with Ra’s al Ghul. During this time Batman gave into his feelings with Talia, Ra’s daughter. However when the truce ended Batman went on his way and Talia found out that she was pregnant with his son, Damian in the book Batman: Son of the Demon.

The Truth about 1985:

The Black Mercy’s vision wasn’t one about a peaceful life on Earth with Lois but a peaceful life on Krypton with a wife and child.

Now for 2 Truths/1 Lie. The Year is 1986:

  • Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight came out showing a harder, darker, grittier Batman than the Batman the became somewhat of a father figure to Dick and Jason. Miller’s Batman was older and gray. The story showcased his fight to the death with Joker, his partnership with a new female Robin, and a pivotal battle between him and Superman.
  • Alan Moore’s Watchmen also came out. Originally Moore meant to use the characters from Charlton Comics (like Blue Beetle and Captain Atom) but DC had other plans for them. Moore told the story of the obsessed Rorschach investigating the murder of his old teammate The Comedian and a conspiracy that unravels to both save the world and damn it.
  • Superman was revamped in the title Man of Steel. His past of being Superboy and His dog Krypto were both taken away from his history. The issue also introduced Zod and their battle not only destroyed half of Metropolis it also ended with Zod’s death.

The Truth about 1984:

Vixen wasn’t introduced in Justice League of America Annual 2, like Vibe, Gypsy, and the 2nd generation hero Steel. She was introduced in Action Comics 521.

Now for 2 Truths/1 Lie. The year is 1985:

  • For the 50th issue of Tales of the Teen Titans, Donna Troy gets married to mortal Terry Long. The wedding, in which all of the Teen Titans, past and present, attended, went off without villains, death, or despair interrupting it.
  • Superman Annual 11 tells the tale of Superman falling victim to the Black Mercy, a rare alien plant that puts its victims in a comatose state where they live out their greatest dreams. Superman dreamed of a life married to Lois without the threat of Super Villians. When awoken from his dream, he fines the real culprit behind the Black Mercy, Mongul, fighting Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman. He joins the fight angry that a near perfect life for him was just an illusion.
  • Black Canary gets an new look. In Detective Comics 554, Dinah Lance trades in her fishnet stockings for shoulder spikes. The look didn’t last for long but there is an action figure of her dressed up in it.

The Truth about 1983:

Jason did have the same backstory as Dick but the lie was that Dick actually didn’t appear as Nightwing until 1984, during the story called The Judas Contract.

Time for 2 Truths/1 Lie. The year is 1984:

  • The Justice League of America gets a roll change when many of it’s more notable character have dropped out. In Justice League of America Annual 2 Aquaman is the only original member left on the team and publicly announces the disbanding of the team much to the shock of the rest of the team. However when Aquaman asks for a full commitment from the other members many can’t commit fully to the team leaving slots for new members. The new members are found in Vibe, Gypsy, the 2nd generation hero Steel and Vixen all of whom are introduced in this issue. 
  • The Teen Titans face betrayal when their newest member Terra reveals herself to be a mole planted by Deathstroke. Dick is the only one to escape the betrayal and with the help of Deathstroke’s son, Jericho, he’s able to save his friends although the battle results in Terra’s death. The Teen Titans still build a monument to her despite her treachery.
  • Earth-2 got a new hero team by the name of Infinity Inc. The Justice Society of America was having a Christmas Even meeting when several young costumed heroes busted in wanting to join their team. Even though the youngsters were sons and daughters of the members of the JSA, the JSA weren’t impressed leaving the youngsters to form their own team that would survive even a world ending crisis.

The Truth about 1982:

It was actually Superman who brought together the Global Guardians. I almost wrote this as the truth because of their bizarre names but I had already written the two truths and wanted to get this posted.

Now for 2 Truths/1 Lie. The Year is my birth year, 1983!

  • Jason Todd was introduced with pretty much the same story as Dick Grayson. Worked in the circus with trapeze-y parents, parents killed by mobster, and Jason wants to fight them. Since Dick became Nightwing this year, he hands over his Robin costume that Jason dons two months after he’s introduced.
  • Batman leaves the Justice League and starts his own team called The Outsiders in a book called Batman and the Outsiders. The first roll included Black Lightning, Katana, Halo, Geo-Force, and Metamorpho.
  • Wonder Woman got an new enemy named Circe. Straight from the pages of Homer’s The Odyssy, Circe appeared in Wonder Woman’s mythos even if Diana wasn’t aware of her presence at first.

The Truth about 1981:

It wasn’t Namor vs Aquaman (although that might have been sweet) but The Hulk and Wonder Woman. Superman fought The Hulk, Wonder Woman fought Spider-man, and then they all fought Dr. Doom and Parasite. 

Now for 2 Truths /1 Lie. The year is 1982:

  • Batman introduced the world to a new superhero team, the Global Guardians. Batman was taking a day off with it was interrupted by the mystical Dr. Mist. Traveling the world and teaming up with Israel’s Seraph, Greece’s Olympian, Denmark’s Little Mermaid, Ireland’s Jack O’Lantern, Brazil’s Green Fury, and Japan’s Rising Sun, Batman was able to bring down the ancient wizard.
  • The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl found Linda Danvers (The Supergirl of the time) in Chicago. She battled a villain named Psi but their rooftop battles only lasted for 23 issues (which is approx.  two years and currently longer than some titles) before it was cancelled.
  • The Teen Titans were gaining in popularity and their rogues gallery got one person bigger with the introduction of Brother Blood. He was a crazy cult leader who would plague our young heroes for years.

The Truth about 1980:

It wasn’t Batgirl but Robin who pulled the old send your boss his father’s costume to drudge up old memories so that he can get back to fighting for justice ruse. What a prankster, that kid.

Now for 2 Truths/1 Lie. The year is 1981:

  • Batman and The Hulk crossed over into each other’s world in DC Special Series 27. The Joker at first used The Hulk to go after Batman but they eventually teamed up in the end to fight the reality-warping Shaper of Worlds.
  • After Superman and Batman, Green Lantern got his three issue miniseries called Tales of the Green Lantern Corps. It retold Hal’s origin but also introduced us to Arisia, Hal’s sector neighbor, and Nekron, who would go on to mastermind Blackest Night. 
  • Superman and Spider-Man also teamed up this year (although it was the 2nd time they did so) but they weren’t the only heroes involved. Namor stumbled into Aquaman’s ocean and at first didn’t realize he wasn’t in his home world. Due to misunderstandings the two fought until they realized their mistake (with the help of Supes and Spidy) and focused on getting Namor and Spidy back home.

The Truth about 1979:

It was Iris dressed as Batgirl (for a costume ball) whose life was taken in Flash 275 and he couldn’t save her. Reverse-Flash was the one who committed the crime and this act lead to Barry sacrificing himself in the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Now for 2 Truths/1 Lie. It’s 1980… OMG we’ve made it to the 80’s

  • After Superman’s miniseries, Batman came on his heels with his own three issue miniseries called The Untold Legend of the Batman. In these three issues Batman was faced with his father’s shredded masquerade bat costume which brought up his parents murder. He also received death threats and figured out someone close to him was the culprit. Turned out to be Batgirl trying to motivate the bat into facing his demons and getting back on the right track fighting for justice.
  • Aquaman was added to Adventure comics because Starman and Plastic Man (who had become the title’s main story characters) weren’t the traditional type of superhero story that most reader enjoyed, not that they weren’t popular with the current title’s readers. 
  • A new Cheetah was introduced. Debbi Domaine, the niece of Priscilla Rich, came to visit her aunt on her death bed, not knowing anything of Priscilla being Cheetah. Once Priscilla passed, Debbi was kidnapped and brainwashed by an organization called Kobra to become the new Cheetah and Wonder Woman’s new deadly adversary. 

The Truth about 1978:

DC Comics Presents was a Superman team up book but he teamed up with The Flash in the first issue. What I wrote, I made up but I think it sounds plausible.

Now 2 truths and a lie. The year is 1979:

  • The success of Superman: The Movie motivated DC to publish more Superman related titles even though the were reluctant to add new ongoing titles. One was titled World of Krypton which was the first limited series they published. It wasn’t titled as a limited series but it’s publication established the parameters of their future limited publications.
  • The Justice Society’s disappearance in the 1950s was explained in Adventure Comics 466. It was the US government demanding the identities of the members that cause the heroes to feel as they would never be fully trusted and decided to disband. 
  • In Flash 275, oddly enough Batgirl was killed. Flash and Batgirl teamed up to take down a gang in Central City only for Babs to loose her life in action. Distraught, Flash ran as quick as he could though the time stream which game him enough time to save Barabra the 2nd time around.

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(Note about above cover: Batman has a ring side seat. Can’t only billionaires afford those?)

The Truth about 1977:

Helena Bartinelli didn’t join the JSA in 1977 and that origin story (although was truly hers) wasn’t told until 1989. It was Helena Wayne who joined the JSA as Huntress and the daughter of Batman and Catwoman’s story was told in that issue of DC Super-Stars.

Time for 2 Truths/1 Lie. The year is 1978:

  • Superman got his own team up series called DC Comics Presents. His first team up was with Wonder Woman when a man washed up on the shores of Paradise Island. The heroes were pitted against each until it was found that the man didn’t accidentally end up on the island and was in pursuit of a crystal that would cause the world to end.
  • The comic Doorway to Nightmare began to be published but only lasted 5 issues. Although it was short lived, the comic introduced us to Madame Xanadu and gave her a residence in the DCU.
  • The Teen Titans run ended at 53 and the story told in the issue was  about what brought them all together in there first place. Robin, Kid Flash, Speedy, Aqualad, and Wonder Girl had to unite when all of their mentors started going on a crime spree. An alien called the Antithesis was the culprit manipulating the heroes into committing these criminal acts.