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This month in DC History

The Manhunters were introduced in 1977. These robot space cops where the first police force created by the Guardians of the Universe. However like all machines do they rebelled against their creators and any wars were fought between them and the universe. One war between the Manhunters and the GLC that was fought above Earth triggers a record breaking blizzard and gave the Kents enough time to pass Kal-El off as their own. True story.

What else happened in 1977?

  • The first chronological meeting of Wonder Woman of Earth-1 (who lived in the modern day) and the Wonder Woman of Earth-2 (who fought in World War II) was published. This meeting was a result of the Wonder Woman TV show being set in WWII. The comic remained set during that time for 15 issues, even though the 2nd season of Wonder Woman, titled The New Adventures of Wonder Woman, was reset in the 1970’s.
  • Both the Justice League of America and the Justice Society got their origins told. While the JLA was rallied to fight off White Martians, the JS(A) was rallied by FDR to go after Hitler. Everyone won but as the JLA’s victory resulted in J’onn J’onzz joining the JLA, the JS(A)’s victory didn’t allow them to destroy Hitler’s Sphere of Destiny which kept them out of Nazi-occupyed areas.
  • After three years, Mister Miracle’s own title returned to publication. It may have started wit him and Big Barda on their honeymoon but ended with them separated from one another. When they finally reunited, they ended up stranded on the moon with Big Barda having been brainwashed.

This month in DC History

Jay Garrick ran onto the comic scene in 1940. His powers were given to him through inhaling the vapors of “hard water” and he dressed up in a costume inspired by the roman god Mercury under the name of The Flash. Unlike other superheroes, he shared his identity with his girlfriend, Joan Williams. 

What else happened in 1940?

  • So many characters were introduced! So many that you’ll be hearing about 1940 again later this year. Among those who were introduced were Lex Luthor, Clayface, and Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern.
  • All Star comics was introduced as a comic where characters from DC four titles (Adventure Comics, More Fun Comics, All-American Comics, and Flash Comics) would have stories side by side. Readers were asked to send in a coupon to say which three characters they’d like to see added and which would they want to get the boot for the next issue. This however changed by issue #3.
  • Issue #3 of All Star comics introduced us to the Justice Society of America. This marked the first team of superheroes DC had. The first issue was more introductory as the members of the JSA sat around a table and shared stories about their previous adventures making it pretty much like the clip episode of Community.

Siht Htnom ni CD Yrotsih
Zatana began the search for her father in Hawkman #4 in 1964. It took almost three years to find him but she finally did in Justice League of America #51. She also helped introduced the idea of the crossover because her search spanned many titles. So we can thank Zatana for all those lovely editor notes.*

*To see Scott’s feelings on crossover events, be sure the check out his own tumblr. -Your faithful editor.

What else happened in 1964? 

  • Aquaman and Mera got Married making them the first superhero couple to tie the knot. Of course when your a superhero it’s not as simple as walking down the aisle, first you have to break up with the girl you want to marry because you can’t marry non-atlantians and she can feel rejected enough to team up with a bad guy to trap you. Then once the bad guy is about to kill you, the power of love can overcome the power of rejection and the girl will save you even if she can’t have you, thus allowing you into make her an honorary citizen of the place you’re king of and giving you the loophole you need so you can marry her. That’s how it happens for everyone, right?
  • The Crime Syndicate of Earth-3 got bored so they decided to take down the JLA of Earth-1. On Earth-1, the JLA would have won but the CS quickly moved the party to Earth-3 where the CS triumphed. For some reason they wanted a fair battle so they then moved over to the neutral territory of Earth-2, after the CS imprisoned the JSA of Earth-2 so they couldn’t help the JLA. The JLA won, found the JSA, stopped some bomb rigged to blow up Earth-1 and 2, and trapped the CS between worlds. And if you followed that, then you win because I’m certainly lost.
  • Batman was close to cancellation so he got a makeover. That little yellow circle was added to the bat on his suit, Robin became a hip kid of the time, and the Batmobile became a two seater sports car. Not only that but in the next issue Alfred was killed off and Aunt Harriet moved into the Mansion to help take care of the two bachelors.

This Month in DC History
The Twins of the Starheart, Jade and Obsidian were introduced in 1983. With their father, Alan Scott, being constantly exposed to magical energies gave them both metahuman powers. Being denied membership in the JSA, they started their own club, Infinity, Inc. So take that, JSA.

What else happened in 1983 (besides me being born)?

  • Batman said “piss off” and flipped the bird to the JLA starting his own team The Outsiders. The group then spent several months trying to hold meetings without being interrupted by hikers… cause they met outside… get it?
  • With his new team, The Outsiders, Batman no longer had the time to pal around with a single other superhero causing The Brave and The Bold series to end. The last paring was Batman from Earth-1 and Batman from Earth-2, and both fought over who could brood the best.
  • A year of introductions, Killer Croc was introduced to make Gotham’s Sewer workers nervous, while Jason Todd got an origin story that was identical to Dick Grayson’s origin, cause everyone loves an orphan from the circus… except clowns with crowbars.

(Sorry, I know there is more to DC than Batman but these were the most interesting things that happened that year.)