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A few months back, I mentioned that I’d be making some changes to Well, as some of you have noticed, those changes have come in the form of 4 new contributors! I figured now would be a great time for you to meet these contributors, via some bios I forced them to write.


I’m Scott. I’m 29 and live in Mississippi. I was never really into comics when I was young but grew up on the Animated series of Batman and Superman and the like. I always enjoyed the DC TV series and the movies and would watch just about all of them. I started reading trades a couple of years ago and then decided to collect comics during the Blackest Night event so I’m relatively new. My favorite series is Brian Q. Miller’s run on Batgirl and I really like Aquaman in the new 52.


Joe Hunter is just a man. With a man’s courage. He loves comics and aspires to working on them full time. He had no idea what to say about himself here and is now just sort of BS’ing for space. He is finding it super-disorienting to talk about himself in the third-person. Find his comics and some other junk of his at:


I spend most of the time enriching the lives of the middle school students I teach. If that doesn’t impress you I also think about naps, comics, and superheroes a lot. I have a healthy obsession with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle and I drew the banner for More drawings and comics can be found intermittently at and  Sincerely, Mark CT


I am Laura. My love for superheroes came from watching movies and television as a child. One of my fondest memories growing up was when I was 5 or 6 I’d go over to my best friend and neighbor’s house to watch Batman, the one with Adam West. Ironically enough Batman isn’t my favourite superhero. The Flash is. When asked “Which one?” I never know how to answer. I enjoy them all equally.
I started collecting and reading comics in 2010 after going on a Free Comic Book Day adventure. Unfortunately being a 23 year old college student it is hard to keep up with current issues.