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Helium Yttrium Yttrium Oxygen Uranium (HeY, YOU)


It summer time and that means your brain probably turns to mush. What better way to combat summer brain-rot than to peruse through some awesome super element flashcards?! 

That’s where the Periodic Table of Super Elements, and the Flashcards come in!



If you like science, superheroes, learning, art, or just have a great personality… Then you should go grab one!

Just a little teaser for you here with one of my favorite elements MERCURY!


Just throwing this out there for you superhero lovers! Pre-sale is done so now is the time to get some merchandise if you want!

Almost There!


There are just a few days left of the Periodic Table of Super Elements Flashcard pre-sale! Now is your chance to grab a pack of 103 super elements for only 20.00! 


Don’t you want to learn some SUPER SCIENCE!?!?

Do You Like Superheroes?! (And Science!?)

OF COURSE you like at least one of those things!

I’m Mark and I’m one of the contributors to Dailydcu, when I’m not trying to teach science to middle schoolers. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Since I love teaching science and superheroes so much the logical course was to combine them! That’s where the Periodic Table of Super Elements, and the Flashcards come in!



Each element has been designed as a superhero with the elements characteristics in mind! 

Some are totally new!


Some may look familiar (Gold… get it?!)


But either way they were created to help my students learn!

If you are a lover of science, superheroes, or you just like to support teachers. Then you can purchase the poster, flashcards, and other assorted products from the store!

Big Cartel:


TL;DR… I like education and superheroes and I have things for sale if you do too!

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Do You Like Super Heroes!?

Who am I kidding. You’re reading! Of course you do!

My name is Mark Tomczak. I am a middle school science teacher, a contributor to the site and the artist of the banner you see when you visit the page. When I’m not drawing superheroes, I’m drawing… well… Superheroes… Check out the project I’m crowd funding below!


There is a better description on the campaign page but spare me the TL;DR jokes and read this one anyway.

Way back in February of 2012 I started a project to turn all the elements into superheroes and create a Periodic Table of Super Elements! Each element is designed (some you may recognize) with the element’s properties in mind.


I finally finished, but with my inexperience at business and printing I didn’t really know how to get it into classrooms. When many ways met with disappointment I almost gave up hope. But I finally decided to give it another shot.

This is where you come in!

I may have already reached the “goal” I put down but anything earned afterwards helps take away from any out of pocket expenses I have to put up! So just because it says goal reached doesn’t mean it won’t help to donate! There are plenty of perks left too!

The Indiegogo campaign is to help me raise funds to get enough stock to ship and sell to customers. I found a nice way to print them in a timely manner but I didn’t have the cash to print a lot of them. Not only will this serve as essentially a “pre-order” for those who donate $25+ but the money also goes into books and flashcards!

The good news for you is that I’m already done with my poster so there is no worry of me not finishing it! Also, I’ve got a prototype for the flashcards and I’m working on the book so those should be able to get done at some point in the near future!

If you contribute at different amounts you can earn yourself perks. Those perks include stickers, bookmarks, and mineral posters. (check them out on the campaign page) What’s not to love? 

But hey, I’ve already wasted enough of your time… Get yourself on over to the Campaign Page and help me, help you, to help kids learn!

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